About the farm:

Whispering Sage Farm is currently a small hobby farm in Southern California with big dreams for the future. Some farm philosophies that form the foundation of Whispering Sage:

Humane treatment of animals – Livestock deserve to have good lives: food, water, shelter, protection from predators, and minimal stress.

Sustainability – Difficult to define, but here goes. To me sustainability includes caring for the land in a way that maintains and enhances fertility, diversity, and resilience. Sustainability includes conserving resources, and thinking holistically.

Preservation of heritage breeds – These include breeds of livestock that were developed before the industrialization of agriculture. Often heritage breeds of livestock will be a little less productive than the modern popular breeds, but will be heartier and have a longer period of productivity.

Responsible breeding – To me this means breeding livestock for the betterment of the breed, and not perpetuating genetics that are sub-standard.